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Security Advice

Security Advice

         - To further enhance security while logging onto AHRB eBanking,
           a CRAM: Challenge - Response - Authentication - Mechanism  has  been
           introduced.  CRAM is a dynamically  generated 5 digit challenge, embedded
           in a graphic background. It is displayed  whenever the  AHRB eBanking
           login screen  appears on the user's  browser. In addition to the
           login ID and password, the user has to enter the challenge  digits
           displayed in the specified field. This new feature will  prevent
           automated  processes from  guessing  AHRB eBanking passwords.


         - Keep your AHRB eBanking password strictly private. Never share your
           password with anyone including Bank employees.

         - If you feel that your  AHRB eBanking password  has been compromised,
           you must lock your AHRB eBanking account  immediately. AHRB eBanking access
           will be automatically locked after three consecutive unsuccessful attempts.

         - Always log-out from your online banking session when finished
           and close the browser.

         - Make sure your browser supports 128-bit SSL encryption.

         - Keep virus programs on your computer updated.

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